Hi! I'm Carrie.

UX Designer & Front-end Developer.

A little about me

I create delightful digital solutions to improve how people accomplish day-to-day tasks. My focus is making people’s lives easier by researching and better understanding them, designing well-thought-out interfaces, testing ideas, and developing solutions.

In December 2017, I will be graduating from the University of Calgary in Computer Science, with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction and a minor in Visual Studies (Digital Art).

Features & Press

My Design Process & Expertise

Helping solve problems by thinking outside the box, looking at the bigger picture, and considering all options.

UX & UI Designer

Simplifying complicated concepts

  • Ideation, prototyping, sketching, wireframing
  • Information architecture, interface, interaction & visual design
  • Concept/prototype testing, usability testing, iteration

Design Researcher

Discovering user motivations

  • Competitive analysis, user research
  • Unmoderated & moderated usability studies, surveys & interviews

Front-End Developer

Creating simple code

  • HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Javascript
  • Exploring different APIs and libraries
  • Writing documentation and guides about code structure

Multi-faceted Maker

Collaborating for digital solutions

  • Requirements gathering & prioritization
  • Optimizing processes & delegating tasks
  • Communicating verbally & visually with diverse teams

Events & Speaking

Attending educational #womenintech events, organizing informative #tech events, and teaching #digitalliteracy in workshops and talks.

Workshops & Talks



Let's chat

I enjoy challenges and new opportunities. Please get in touch if you would like to collaborate. I am able to help create digital solutions, speak or teach at events, and advise or plan events.

If email's too formal, feel free to send me a tweet, suggest a blog post, or connect professionally.